He was almost a girl

Mid-fall 2003, my parents told my three siblings and me to stay at the table after dinner. Being between the ages of 6 and 10, that was hard for us because we were just bundles of energy.

But we stayed, seeing as to how it turned into a family meeting. My mother said she had some very big news and that we were about to have something new in the family. We liked games so they had us guess.

It was the usual guesses for children like “puppy” or “pool,” which wasn’t the surprise announced that day but they would come in the future.

My dad helped out a little bit and said it started with a “B.”

“A ball!” my younger sister, Clare, shouted.

My parents just laughed and said we weren’t getting a new ball.

My older siblings were stumped. After thinking for a few moments, I exclaimed, “A baby!”

I didn’t expect to get it right, but I was right. That was the day that my parents told us we were going to have a younger brother or sister.

Clare started crying and ran out of the room because she wasn’t going to be the youngest anymore. After some consultation from my mother that being an older sister was an awesome thing, she rejoined the table with glee.

Now, Colin, my older brother has had to deal with my sisters and me for the past 10 years of his life at this point. There weren’t a lot of kids our age where we lived, so we only had each other to play with. He was praying so hard for the baby to be a boy.

Clare and Maeve, who love to pick fights and annoy Colin (being sisters has this kind of job requirement) said affirmatively it would be a girl. Of course Colin starts screaming that it was a boy.

I believed the baby was going to be a boy; Clare flip-flopped between boy and girl up until the point when my mother was in labor. Then she told Colin it was going to be a girl.

After spending most of the day with our family friend and her daughter at Chuck E Cheese (my mom and dad went to the hospital at some ungodly hour), we found out that Aidan was indeed a boy.

Everyone was happy; I think Colin might have been a little happier because that meant he finally had a brother.

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