Almost there


Sunday through Wednesday are my busiest days. It’s the craziest time of the week for me. I run between meetings for other clubs, piano lessons, classes and interviews for the newspaper. Oi.

So when I think, “I’m almost to Wednesday. If I can make it through Wednesday, I’m golden.”

Then Tiana pops in my head singing “Almost There.” Not a bad song to have stuck in my head, but now I want to spend the little free time I have binge-watching all the Disney movies I own. I also want to eat a bunch of delicious desserts when I watch Tiana dance around the table decorating cakes and pies.

I’m almost through the craziness (of this week), and then I can eat some Ho-Hos I’ve been saving for those really stressful weeks.

What are you looking forward to after your crazy weeks? Comment below!

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