It’s almost Friday

Pizza and cookies. That’s my family’s tradition every Friday. The idea of being able to relax and eat some quality Buffalonian pizza got me through my Thursdays in high school. My mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies – I know everyone says that, but my mom’s cookies are definitely other-worldly.

It’s a little different now that I’m in college. Some people might say what gets them through their Thursday is the idea that they can go out later tonight. For me, just the thought of my bed being in my room and Grey’s Anatomy calling my name is enough motivation to make it another couple hours.

I’m between several shows on Netflix that I shamelessly switch between. Other shows include: Supernatural, How to Get Away With Murder and Gilmore Girls. I have plenty of other quality shows under my belt like Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, X-Files, Orange is the New Black, Bob’s Burgers and One Tree Hill.

I think cuddling up in bed with some snacks and Netflix after a long week is perfect. That is ideal to me. A glass of wine can’t hurt either. Being an outgoing introvert, I like having time to recharge from the crazy weeks I’ve been having.

It’s almost Friday.


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