What you should do when you go home for the weekend…

There are a lot of “almosts” out there, but when you go home…just do it. Here’s a list of what you should just do and ignore your inner-doubts:

  • eat the damned carton of ice cream by yourself
  • sleep the whole afternoon
  • go to Moe’s or Chipotle (I like Moe’s better, but Chipotle’s guac is where it’s at)
  • binge-watch that series you’ve been hearing about
  • go to the movies
  • see your friends, no excuses this time
  • have a nice family dinner because mom makes a kick-ass lasagna
  • buy a little something nice for yourself, like that pair of shoes you keep looking up
  • curl up on the couch and sit there thinking about how nice it is not to be at school
  • make something in your oven or on your stove instead of in the microwave
  • don’t worry about homework until Monday so you have a couple days to relax and another day buffer to get the rest of it done
  • snuggle a puppy or twelve
  • watch your favorite movie with some good popcorn
  • go to a pumpkin farm with your family and take cheesy pictures because why not


Take care of yourselves over this short break. It’s time to recuperate and recharge.


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