It’s almost…Christmas?

Walking into stores and seeing Christmas decorations up makes me want to almost punch someone. It’s still October, people. We still have the glorious holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving to get through. Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. I love seeing all the spooky and creepy decorations that litter stores. What can I say? I love being in the scary spirit.


Now, I’m one who loves the Christmas season, but only when it’s that season.

Store promotions, yeah, yeah, but when it’s not even Halloween yet, and I see stockings and twinkling lights… just no. I like wallowing in the spirit of each holiday for as long as I can.

One of my favorite parts of Halloween is how people don’t care if you run around in adult-sized footie pajamas or seeing guys in booty shorts. It’s great how people don’t care how much “candy” others “eat” because it’s totally acceptable to have a “sugar” hangover the next day.



I do really love candy. If you don’t, are you even real? My all-time favorite treats to get include, but obviously aren’t limited to, anything Reese’s, Kit Kats, Twix and Skittles. My sisters and I use to bicker over Sour Skittles because those were basically gold.

Comment your favorite candy! Like this post if you can relate!

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