It’s almost the weekend

This weekend is my chance to regroup myself and recharge. I feel like I’ve been sick for the past two weeks – oh wait, I have. But now it’s a chance to relax.

My dad, younger brother and a couple uncles are visiting me this weekend. They’re coming up for a basketball game (whoop whoop). This will be the first basketball game I’ve been to this season, and I’m pumped!

I also love my uncles because they’re a little nuts, but they’re a lot awesome.

This weekend I also plan on eating a lot of great food. My dad is taking me and my brother to a great local Italian restaurant, Angee’s.

My boyfriend and I are planning a little excursion to Sprague’s Maple Farm; if you haven’t heard of this place or been there, imagine the kind of food you’d want to be served in heaven. Yeah. Go there.

Maybe I’ll order a pizza tonight too. Even though I had pizza last night, thanks to a wonderful professor who brought it to the newspaper, I can’t get sick of it really. One time over the summer, my younger sister and I had pizza four days in a row. We both agreed, “We ain’t even mad.”


So just chill out this weekend, people. Treat yourself to some cake or pizza, a long nap, a Netflix binge, a Lord of the Rings marathon or just surfing on your phone for a good three hours.

This is what weekends are for!

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