I can almost go home

Tomorrow is the day I can go home. I have been craving my bed for weeks. baby-its-cold-outsideThis will be me the rest of the week.

I can’t wait to see my little puppy. He’s not very little anymore though. He’s 100 pounds now, but he’s still my little baby. I also get to see my sisters again and we’re planning on staying up late, eating a crap-ton of food and watching all of our favorite movies.

One of our Thanksgiving traditions is helping my mom bake pies. We then barter those pies to one of our neighbors so she can deep-fry our turkey. If you haven’t had deep-fried turkey, I highly recommend it because it’s a beautiful thing.

Another thing that my family and I always do is eat the pies in the morning with coffee (tea for me because coffee just isn’t for me, but I love the smell of it).

Pies are probably one of the best things ever. My mom makes the crust from scratch, we spend all day slicing and mixing apples in sugar and cinnamon, we have two big cans of whipped cream and end up with at least eight pies at the end of the day.

Pumpkin and apple pie are the two things you can constantly find on my plate this week.

First stop, home. pies

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